System Design is the process of pouring through all the information I have collected, establishing what the goals of your project are and then designing custom audio/visual systems that not only meet those goals but are also easy to use, reliable and provide additional capabilities beyond what you have told me you need.  


I believe in the concept of "foundational upgrades;" namely, making sure that every equipment purchase can be built upon in the provide more functionality, expansion or capability.  In this way, money is invested wisely and not wasted.  After all, good stewardship is not about how much money you save, but about how much you don't waste.

Audio/visual equipment has become more complex and it's difficult to know how each piece connects to the system as a whole to deliver excellence, every time.  I have helped many churches wade through the treacherous waters of finding the perfect set of equipment that is cost-effective, reliable and provides the highest value and capability; let me help you avoid the traps!