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1. Why does Timato Systems exist?

In my life, I have seen so many churches that struggle with good quality audio/visual support and it’s not necessarily because the person running the AV is bad; it’s largely because there is a lack of resources and/or understanding that the tech needs to be trained.  


Many small to medium sized churches tend to focus on the price tag of equipment instead of the value that AV equipment can provide.  Good stewardship is not abound t how much money you save, which makes you focus on the price tag up front.  It is about how much money you don’t waste.  


Quality equipment doesn’t have to cost you tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of dollars, but it is important that a church at least investigate what equipment package or packages are best suited for their use case, environment, worship space, and intent.  That is something Timato Systems can provide; usually with a phone call and some pictures of the space.  


I believe that there is no valid excuse for poor quality tech and when it plays such a critical role in helping people worship God together we should put some investment into helping make that a process where the audio/visual elements do not draw attention to themselves because they are not working properly but rather they function in a way that makes communing with God and hearing his Word have no barriers.  

2. What if your proposal is too expensive?

Cost is a big issue when it comes to AV equipment and I get that.  My approach is to first figure out what system or systems and specific equipment will meet your needs, both now and well into the future.  Once I have that information, I can figure out how we can plan to pay for it.  Often times, churches are surprised at the final cost figure I provide; it can be significantly lower than  expected.  Sometimes, it’s a bit higher.  In those cases, I propose a Biblical approach of targeted fundraising and saving. 


I am a big fan of pastoral leadership getting involved in any upgrades I am a part of.  With their leadership and promotion of the upgrade, I have found the fundraising process goes much more smoothly and usually much more quickly.  Bottom line is that if you have the need, we will find a way.  

3. Why can't I see pricing for individual items?

Because I am a reseller, I cannot provide item by item pricing because if I reveal that information I can lose my permit.  I receive lower than MAP, or Minimum Advertised Pricing, and because of that, I am able to offer significant savings to clients. 


But I am under legal restrictions in terms of providing actual line-item level pricing.  I am, however, quite flexible in terms of whether you want to install your new equipment, or you can have me do it, or some hybrid between the two.  There can be significant savings in that area, as well.  I am happy to advise.  I do include training of your crew on the new equipment in ALL of my proposals.  

4. Do you work with large churches?

I have worked with larger churches and am happy to do so again.  I most often speak with sub-500 member churches and so market myself to that segment.  I am happy to talk about the specific details of your upgrade, your needs, where you see your church and/or ministry headed in the next 10 years and can provide a proposal.  Contact me through our Intake Form here on the website and I will get in touch!

5. Do you offer your services outside the Pacific Northwest?

Yes, but only consulting services are available outside the Oregon and Washington region.  I have consulted with churches in the UK, Australia, Suriname, Florida, Texas, Wisconsin, New York, New Jersey, Texas, American Samoa, and others.  I love to travel and see the world and meet new people.  Bottom line is that if you would like to have me take a look at your church, situation or project, contact me and I will setup a time to talk through it with you! 


I don’t make you sign a contract on that day; my goal is to give you a professional opinion and a direction for next steps that are practical and achievable.  

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