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These are articles I have written (and ghost-written)  for Technologies for Worship magazine, an amazing resource for house of worship technology and information! It's a free subscription to sign up today!

January 2021


Wise Equipment Investments

2020: What Have We Learned?

December 2020

Mill Plain United Methodist Church Install

Staging and Set Design

Are Analog Mixers Still a Viable Option?

Easiest Scalers for Volunteers to Use

November 2020

Choosing the Best Speaker System for Your Space

Is Financing an Option?

October 2020

Maximizing Your Lighting Grid

September 2020

How to Properly Use a Microphone

How to Read LED Specs

Emerald City: A Year With JVC (co-written)

August 2020

Syncing Your Stream

July 2020-Guest Editor


Editor's Letter

Different Mics and Their Uses

Designing Cohesive Systems That Perform

Lighting for Video

Designing a Lighting System

Blending LED with Traditional Lighting

Don't Forget Your Screen (uncredited)

Starting with the Basics (uncredited)

Livingstone Adventist Academy (ghost-written)

June 2020

Choosing the Right Mixer for Your Channel Count

Streaming Solutions

May 2020

Understanding Feedback

How Many Mixers Does Your Church Need?

The Importance of Assistive Listening 



April 2020


Mobile Device Mixing


Streaming Tips

March 2020


Choosing a Mixer for Your Portable Church



February 2020


Planning Your Portable Church Lighting Strategy


Assistive Listening on Your Smart Phone


Converting Content for Multiple Display Sizes



January 2020


Is it Time to Buy a New Sound System?


Adding LED


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