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What did we do?

A project in planning for four years, this large-scale full technical system overhaul involved over 30 days of installation with a crew of three but the end result is something we are extremely proud of and the client is more than happy with!


We replaced the audio mixer, speaker system, amplifiers, updated their personal monitor mixing system, gave me an assisted listening system, full power sequencing system so one switch turns on the entire audio system, a new stage rack, new floor pockets, choir microphones, 12 channels of new wireless microphones and two 15" powered subwoofers.


The new, all LED lighting system utilizes a total of 12 fixtures that replace 38 halogen fixtures that consumed massive amounts of energy.  A new lighting controller and iPads running Luminair for simple programs without the need of a lighting operator complete the system.  

The video system we installed included two remote pan/tilt/zoom (PTZ) cameras with a controller, a new video switcher, and a Teradek Vidiu Pro live streaming and recording appliance. 

The projection system received a massive upgrade, as well.  Their old rear projection screens were covered and we mounted two new front projection Screen Innovations Slate 1.2 screens at 193" diagonal in their place.  Two Optoma 6000 lumen WUXGA projectors provide the brightness and the Slate 1.2 material provides amazing contrast.  We also installed a 16x16 HDMI matrix frame with 2x HDMI input cards, 1x HDMI output and 1x HDBaseT output cards.  Plenty of room to grow!  A new 27" iMac running ProPresenter, Proclaim, Keynote and PowerPoint provides for the needs of the three churches that use the equipment and facility.  

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