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What did we do?

East Woods Presbyterian Church in east Vancouver, Washington was in desperate need of an AV makeover amidst the COVID-19 pandemic that closed in-person church services across much of the country.  

The church needed a camera system capable of live-streaming, lighting upgrades and a larger physical AV booth to accommodate social distancing mandates as one tech would not be able to run all of the equipment.  

After meeting with the leadership and establishing the vision and need, I went to work creating the layout and separate "stations" for the different systems (e.g. audio, video, graphics and lighting).  After modeling my proposed layout, the church opted to create an even larger workspace and once that was built, I set to work installing and integrating all of the gear.  


The new system replaced a dead amplifier so musicians could once again have monitors for their needs, added TVs in three spaces, two PTZ cameras with a controller, a 4-channel HD video switcher, live streaming encoder/recorder, a new scaler for the projection system, identified several non-functioning pieces of equipment for later upgrade and added two additional lighting fixtures to help increase lighting levels for the new cameras.

We also identified a projector mismatch between the left and right projectors, found a matching unit and moved the mismatched projector to serve as the stage display solution. 

Finally, we connected East Woods with another church client who has piles of acoustical panels sitting unused in order to help dampen the very live acoustical nature of the East Woods auditorium.  

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