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What did we do?

Fort Bragg, California hosts a beautiful coastline and is a quaint little town sitting right on Hwy 1, a short off-shoot of the more popular Hwy 101.  This church was in dire need of upgrades to the audio, lighting and video distribution systems.  We overhauled the audio mixer and amplifier, provided a scaling switcher to handle multiple sources, installed an assisted listening system, consolidated their wireless microphone receivers, installed a light for the pulpit area, mounted their video camera onto a motorized mount and installed it on a wall above people's heads for clear views and installed an in-ceiling speaker system in the fellowship hall, utilizing some of their old equipment.  We capped this install off by providing a locking AV desk designed by me and built by a good friend.  The desk is solid oak and uses biscuit joinery, meaning it will last a good, long time.  

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